Loan Resolution Corporation Announces Acquisition of KeyLink Asset Management

LRC Asset Management, a majority-owned company of Loan Resolution Corporation, has announced the acquisition of KeyLink Asset Management. KeyLink will now be known as LRC Asset Management. Originally founded by Damien Chiodo and Ty Reed, KeyLink has been known for their unique real estate-owned (REO) management model.

“KeyLink has been doing some very innovative things in REO asset management that caught our eye. We have always said that we wouldn’t get into any line of business unless we felt we could do it better than the next company, and KeyLink was doing it better than the next company,” said Travis Hamel Olsen, chief operating officer of Loan Resolution Corporation.

The acquisition of San Diego-based KeyLink establishes LRC Asset Management as one of the leading nationwide REO management companies in the industry. KeyLink bolsters LRC Asset Management’s ability to exceed any forecast of volume and brings with them a history of providing results that exceed industry performance standards.

“Damien and I are excited about the opportunity to broaden our industry footprint and introduce our inventive model to LRC’s broad base of contacts” said Reed, formerly of KeyLink and now managing partner of LRC Asset Management. “The model produces the execution and performance that industry leaders are so desperately searching for today.”