Mortgage Servicers and Institutional Investors

LRC is a family of companies which each specialize in a different stage in the mortgage/property lifecycle. LRC believes that it shouldn't enter a line of business unless it has true differentiating factors, so each company focuses on innovation to ensure its service is unique to the rest of the industry.

LRC is one of the few vendors that can work on behalf of a servicer/investor at the point their customer becomes delinquent all the way through disposing of the property as an REO or renting it out. Because of LRC's proprietary software, LRC is a unique operation that combines high-volume with high-touch to offer a true cradle-to-grave service from delinquency through disposition.

Founded in 2005 with its nationwide headquarters in Scottsdale, AZ, LRC was one of the original vendors in the default space. LRC won its first top-ten servicing contract in 2008, also won a GSE contract in 2008, and has since expanded to provide services for several of the Big Four banks.

As a result of this dedication, LRC has never lost a champion/challenger. LRC's focus on the customer means that as a company LRC must devote itself to innovation, execution, and reporting:

Innovation: LRC believes that in order to enter a new line of business it needs to have competitive advantages and differentiating factors versus its competition. For this reason, LRC only enters a space in which it believes it can provide a better service than the next company.

Execution: LRC has combined dynamic process flows, proprietary technology, an extensive network of real estate agents, and a methodology of accountability to offer the most comprehensive solution available for mortgage servicers and institutional investors.

Reporting: LRC's reporting is real-time and completely customizable to its client's desires. This level of detail provides transparency and ensures strong performance.

LRC provides its clients an expert cradle-to-grave solution for resolving delinquencies. Clients trust LRC's effective waterfall approach that starts with customer contact and home retention, flows into short sale and DIL, and then foreclosure and REO asset management when necessary. Throughout this lifecycle, clients can have LRC preserve, rehab, and even rent the property using one of LRC's Family of Companies shown below.

Top-five servicers and GSE's trust LRC with their:

Loan Resolution Corporation
  • Customer Contact
    • Call center (Inbound/Outbound)
    • Mail
    • Face-to-face contact
Loan Resolution Corporation
  • Home Retention
    • Reinstatements
    • Modifications (HAMP & Proprietary)
    • Forbearances
    • Partial Claims
    • Short refinances
    • Principal reduction
Loan Resolution Corporation
  • Short sales (HAFA & Proprietary)
    • Accelerated marketing & auction
    • Fraud prevention
    • Proactive/Pre-approved
    • Traditional
    • Component
Loan Resolution Corporation
  • Transfer of title
    • Deeds-in-Lieu
    • Deeds-for-Lease
Loan Resolution Corporation Asset Management
  • REO asset management
    • Property surveillance
    • Rehab
    • Marketing
    • Offer negotiation
    • Title evaluation and curative
    • Closing and escrow management
Loan Resolution Corporation Field Services
  • Property preservation & inspection
    • Keep properties in prime condition
    • Promote healthy neighborhoods
Loan Resolution Corporation Property Management
  • Single family and multi-family property management
    • Licensed in multiple states
    • Cutting-edge technology
    • Maximum exposure through extensive marketing
Public Square Marketplace
  • Auction services
    • Short sales
    • REO's
    • Offers within 30 days of assignment
    • Personalized, property-specific auction
Loan Resolution Corporation
  • Bulk note & REO acquisition
    • Non-performing loan pool acquisition
    • Bulk REO acquisition

LRC services act as an extension of the servicer's team to improve the customer experience, speed time to resolution for the servicer, and increase an investor's net proceeds.

LRC's clients say that LRC does two things better than any other vendor: Perform and Report. Other LRC competitive advantages include:

  • GSE approved vendor (trained in HSSN & WPII)
  • SAS 70 Type II, SSAE 16, and SOC II certifications
  • Proprietary software (LRC can also use the servicer's preferred operating system)
  • Scalability (staffing, office space, and technology)

LRC's dedication to its clients' success shows why it has had numerous champion/challengers and never lost.

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