Welcome to Loan Resolution Corporation

Founded in 2005, Scottsdale-based Loan Resolution Corporation is an innovative, full-service company for distressed mortgages and real estate.

LRC's clients say LRC does two things better than any other company: Perform and Report. This is evidenced by the fact that LRC has never lost a champion challenger in any line of business.

By using its proprietary technology that provides real-time reporting for its investors and clients, LRC specializes in:

  1. Working on behalf of institutional investors and mortgage servicers
  2. Implementing strategies to resolve delinquent mortgages
  3. Providing property management services
  4. Using unique approaches to sell real estate

For more information on partnering with LRC, please click on one of the links below:

Mortgage Servicers &
Institutional Investors
Partner with LRC for home retention, short sale & REO asset management, property management, and bulk note & REO acquisition
Real Estate Professionals
Want to increase your REO and/or short sale listings? Register to become a member of LRC's Nationwide Network of Premier Agents.
Seize buying opportunities in today's market by purchasing a short sale, REO, or non-performing loan in both individual and bulk packages.